The Four Principles of Transformative Harmonics

February 26, 2024

We are currently in a collective rebirth of humanity as we circle back around through another cycle from our great forgetting into our great remembering. In this process, we are asked to bring balance to the collective forces within us so that we may once again align with our signature blueprint of harmony, health, and inter-connectivity.

Awakening to this universal imbalance can occur quickly or in a very nuanced manner as we become more conscious in our awareness. We may come to notice any of the following as markers for change. An awareness of our fundamental disconnection from the body. An observation of our over-focus on the intellect over the wisdom of sensations and emotions. A desire for deeper and more fulfilling relationships. A sudden wish to help shift our persistent objectification of the earth and its’ natural resources.

As we are guided back through our inner landscapes, we are invited to acknowledge the pattern of this imbalance both outside and inside of ourselves, since we too hold the great imbalance in our bodies. Every time we polarize ourselves and choose to be right over the choice to remain connected; Every time we seek to dismiss instead of showing-up to listen with our hearts; Every time we choose judgment and criticism over truth and compassion, we are living in the imbalance.

Remember, it is possible to stand in truth and maintain connection for the greater good.

On this alchemistic journey of our embodied awakening, we are invited to reclaim, restore, and remember who we truly are. The four principles below are designed to guide us in this process as we create a bridge for the mind, body, and spirit to transform and lead us back into inner and outer harmony with ourselves and others.

As a bridge, Transformative Harmonics uses modern science, psychology, and sound as portals for the human evolution of consciousness. Through courses, programs, retreats, and workshops, Transformative Harmonics is available to help individuals attend to the places of misalignment, so that we can become better stewards of our beliefs, emotions, physiology, and energy systems. Transformative Harmonics is also a collective force or community of like-minded individuals who are interested in supporting humanity by doing the deeper work of self-growth and self-restoration.

Transformative Harmonics - Four Principles:

Moving From Head to Heart

To awaken to the truth of who we are, we must first return to our hearts. From this place of compassion, we can then meet and greet the layers of physiological and psychological protection that have developed through our historical, cultural, and biological conditioning. These layers of protection are held in our body consciousness. They are at the heart of our body-soul disconnection because they prevent us from feeling and metabolizing the emotions that are held by our wounded aspects of self. The path to awakening engages our self-compassion and our capacity to experience all aspects of the self in a more loving manner so that we may eventually give from a more authentic place – from the heart – with less fear, less control, and less holding back.

Reconnecting to the Wisdom of the Body

Reclaiming our innate blueprint is not a mental process of acquiring more knowledge or gathering information that has been provided by outside sources of power. Rather, it is an evolving journey and a return into our natural rhythms of the sensory world, emotions, dreamtime states, and earthly frequencies. We are invited to descend into the deepest waters of the subconscious (through body consciousness) where our personal, intergenerational, and collective memories reside. It is also a reclaiming and a speaking from our inner authority and our own inner wisdom.

Honoring the Power of Relationships

Restoring ourselves to our wholeness means that we acknowledge that we are relational creatures by nature. We are meant to operate in the context of relationships. Our physiology and regulatory capacity are shaped by relationships. Our sensory pathways (auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile) and neurological movements patterns assist us in understanding ourselves and the world around us as we move in and out of relationships. We engage with the world through the relational movement patterns of push, reach, grasp, and pull – which are intimately connected to our capacity to yield. Yielding is our birthright that we are all entitled to experience as humans. It is an inner knowing of feeling safe in the arms of another and supports our sense of belonging to this planet and to the natural rhythm of life and frequency of the earth.

Reconnecting to Our Roots

At the end of the day, the process of awakening is a journey of remembering. When we are disconnected from our bodies, we are disconnected from the earth and from our tapestry of wholeness. The gravitational pull of the earth actually supports us in moving through life with ease, trust, and fluidity. When we are in touch with ourselves in this embodied way, we find a great energy that flows through us. We feel increased vitality, creative expression, and great pleasure. We feel a magical sense of interconnection to our natural environment and a greater sense of responsibility for it.

You may be thinking, where do I start?

It’s simple.

Any of the following steps below can serve as portals to support you in finding your way back home.

  • Take time each day to connect with the natural world.
  • Find tools and programs that teach you about the language of sensations.
  • Engage in embodied practices that take you into the body such as yoga, breath work, dance, or movement.
  • Cultivate time for the arts – such as music, sound, or dance.
  • Find avenues for healing in and through the body.
  • Develop a practice of turning inwards through automatic writing, tracking of your dreams, or mindful-meditation practices.

Are you interested in more resources?

Below are a few select publications to help you get started.

The Awakened Brain, Lisa Miller, Ph.D

Belonging, Remembering Our Selves Home, Toko-Pa Turner

Chakras and the Vagus Nerve, C.J. Llewelyn, Med, LPC

Humanual, A Manual for Being Human, Betsy Polatin

We Heal Together, Ritual and Practices for Building Community Connections, Michelle Cassandra

Mini Course: Mind, Body, Heart Harmonics

Masterclass: Embodying the Unified Self

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