Awakening The Authentic Self Through the Therapeutic Use of Sound

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“For most of us enlightenment isn’t a sudden awakening, but a slow process of shining the light of consciousness onto those rejected, forgotten, and denied places within”. -Toko-pa Turner Therapeutic Sound Healing for Transformation Therapeutic sound and vibration have been portals for transformation that have been used across many cultures for centuries. In ancient practices, the sound frequencies of drums, didgeridoos, or chants have been used to shift our physiological states and invite us to connect with aspects of our inner world that have been held out of conscious awareness. Today, contemporary approaches [...]

Answering the Call to Our Collective Awakening

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We are currently in a collective rebirth of humanity – a great awakening you could call it. It's time to bring balance to the collective archetypal energies (yin-yang) that have dominated our culture for centuries. These primordial forces can unconsciously govern us – they are inherent in all things - across all space and time. Our civilization has been operating based on “disembodied” versions of our inner (yin-yang) archetypes for centuries now. You can find the effects lingering in our beliefs, behaviors, and responses to the world. One example is our relationship with [...]

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