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Paula’s Expertise

PAULA (she/her) is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Certified Safe and Sound Protocol Provider, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Durham, NC. She combines her intuitive wisdom with an in-depth understanding of interpersonal neurobiology, traumatology, and conscious embodiment practices to bridge the gap between modern and ancient methods of transformative growth. With over two decades of experience, Paula has led clinical teams at Duke University and has collaborated to develop projects such as The Embodied Recovery Institute and The Ai Pono Outpatient Treatment Center in Hawaii. She currently serves as a consultant for Integrative Listening Systems/Unyte to support innovative training methods for Safe and Sound Protocol. In her role as an educator and group facilitator, she brings her creativity and deep respect for the collective archetypes that are part of a universal embodied consciousness. She believes that embodiment is a journey of returning to wholeness and our authentic expression of ourselves. And that our emotions, relational templates, body narrative, and energy systems hold the embodied consciousness of our personal, intergenerational, and collective wounding as well as our innate capacity for resilience.
Paula is deeply influenced by esoteric and contemplative perspectives. Her approach also reflects her experience in the following:
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
  • Bodywork and Somatic Education (BASE)
  • Transforming The Experienced-Based Brain (TEB)
  • Neurobiological Legacy of Trauma (J. Fisher)
  • BodyMind Centering
  • Embryological Qigong
  • Archetypal Patterns
  • Biofield Tuning (Coming December 2022)
Paula’s Safe and Sound Protocol experiential groups are available for providers affiliated with the Embodied Recovery Institute, Somatic Experiencing International, or other body-based or mindfulness-based programs. She is the lead author of the SSP-SE Guidelines published through Unyte-ILS.
Paula is published in the book, Trauma-Informed Approaches for Eating Disorders, where she writes about Somatic Experiencing and the body as the missing link to eating disorders treatment.
For more information on the Embodied Recovery Institute go to: www.embodiedrecvoery.org
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Personal Journey

“I have come to understand that our body holds our deepest knowing of who we are and our authentic expression of ourselves. Our body holds our learned patterns from our experiences and is the bridge to understanding how consciousness affects healing.”

– Paula Scatoloni