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Paula’s Expertise

Paula (SHE/HERS) is a facilitator, somatic coach, and transpersonal guide, who supports individuals on their journey of self-awareness and embodiment through modern acoustics, vibration, somatics, and movement.

Paula brings over 30 years of experience in self-development using modern psychological frameworks, movement education principles, and traditional wisdom teachings. She has provided leadership at institutions such as Duke University and co-created a behavioral health clinic for disordered eating. More recently, Paula was involved in the creation of The Embodied Recovery Institute, a somatically-oriented, relationally-based, and trauma-informed professional training program.

As a writer, her work is featured in the SE-SSP Guidelines published by Unyte-ILS as well as publications such as Trauma-Informed Approaches To Eating Disorders.

Paula has been influenced by a lifetime of embodied explorations using sound/music, conscious movement, somatically-based trauma therapies, transpersonal methodologies, and traditional wisdom teachings. Her integrative framework is designed to support her mission to enhance human evolution through the process of expanded compassion and conscious embodiment.

Paula’s experiential learning programs integrate the work of Peter Levine, Pat Ogden, Janina Fisher, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Dan Siegel, and Embodied Recovery (ERED). As a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Paula has advanced training in the work of Dave Berger, Dianne Poole Heller’, Kathy Kain, and Steve Terrell. She has also completed studies in trauma-informed yoga approaches, authentic movement principles, and creative movement practices. Paula is certified in acoustic sound therapy methods such as Biofield Tuning and The Safe and Sound Protocol.

Paula holds a Masters in Social Work. She offers consultation services through her LCSW practice and pyscho-acoustic services through her Healing Arts Practice in Durham, NC.

  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
  • Certified Safe and Sound Practitioner
  • Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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“I have come to understand that our body holds our deepest knowing of who we are and our authentic expression of ourselves. Our body holds our learned patterns from our experiences and is the bridge to understanding how consciousness affects healing.”

– Paula Scatoloni