Illuminating the biological nature of the body through contemporary neuroscience and ancient wisdom

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Science is now considering a more integrated perspective on health that expands current models of medicine.

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My services are designed for those who work in the field of somatics and are seeking a deeper level of embodiment.

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An application of the Safe and Sound Protocol that integrates Somatic Experiencing with SSP

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Bridging Science and Spirit

What does it mean to be a fully embodied human? Embodiment occurs when we experience life from and through the body during our moment-to-moment experiences. When we are embodied, we are able to sense the bi-directional relationship between what is outside the body (our sensory world) and what is inside the body (our physiology, emotional world, mental states, and other aspects of our multidimensional selves), and also the in-between dynamics of these relationships simultaneously with ease and flow. To be embodied is to be aware of our connection to all living things – to be in resonance or harmony with ourselves, others, nature, and the planet.


Who am I?

“The body holds the narrative of our personal, intergenerational, and collective suffering, and our capacity for resilience.”

My name is Paula Marie Scatoloni. I bring over 3-decades of knowledge of psychological development interwoven with my skills in conscious embodiment practices. I am an educator, psych0-acoustic technician, and workshop facilitator. I am a translator of the soma and psyche. My workshops draw from the field of spirituality, modern neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, nervous system regulation, and conscious embodiment practices. My intuitive healing offerings are a blend of both modern and ancient practices. My courses, workshops, and offerings support individuals in their journey towards the authentic expression self through the alchemy of the body. Through this process, individuals are invited into the shared responsibility for each other, our ancestors, our descendants, and our planet.

The body is the doorway to understanding ourselves.

I believe that everything is interconnected. That our thoughts, emotions, relationships, and external environment have a direct connection to our physical health and sense of well-being. As human organisms, we have an internal operating system that is designed to move in and out of states of expansion and contraction with ease and fluidity. When we are functioning at our optimal level, we can navigate periods of unbalance or stress with ease and effectiveness – finding our feet again after a period of unbalance. We can reach out for support, utilize our own self-regulatory skills, and come back to states of homeostasis or vibrational harmony. But when life experiences, adverse events, or stressors are chronic or overwhelming, we can easily lose sight of this inherent ability to find our way back to balance – we can end up living a life that is disembodied from ourselves and our true purpose in this world. We learn to function in a state of disharmony.

The body IS the doorway to understanding ourselves. It is through the alchemy of the body and its energy systems that we can discover who we were meant to be in this lifetime.

My Packages

I offer a multi-dimensional approach that is based on the science of sound, vibration, stress, and the nervous system.

My packages are for designed for Somatically Integrative Providers

Individual Sessions Package (6 sessions): integrative sessions that re-establish the blueprint for health and restoration.

Individual Safe and Sound Package (3-month package): integration of SSP with Somatic Experiencing, Body-Mind Centering, Sensory Processing, and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Group Safe and Sound Package (3-month group experience): Experiential groups designed for Somatically Integrative Providers who are interested in the integration of SE and SSP. See Workshops page for more information.

Cultivating Deeper Embodiment and Resonance: Services for Somatically Integrative Practitioners

Are My Services A Good Fit?

Somatically Integrative Practitioners:

  • Trust the organicity of the body and it’s innate drive towards wholeness;
  • Understand the our narratives are shaped by the body’s experiences;
  • Appreciate that memories are stored in the body and in standing waves of the resonant field;
  • Engage in some form of embodied exploration either personally, through work, or in their approach to life;
  • Have capacity to witness their internal experience, emotional states, or physiological activation;
  • Can draw from external and internal resources to find stabilization or regulation;
  • Understand that all healing is self-healing.
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As a practitioner, I stay up to date on the latest resources & educational materials.