Embodying Consciousness

Through the Therapeutic Use of Sound Healing & Body Wisdom

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Science is now considering a more integrated perspective on health that expands current models of medicine to include the body and the subtle energy systems.

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My services are designed for those who are seeking a deeper level of consciousness, embodiment, and connection to self in and through the body.

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Coming Home to the Authentic Self: A Psychoacoustic Exploration  –  Experience The Safe and Sound Protocol

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The Path to Embodying Consciousness

Today more than ever, it seems that many of us are seeking a return to the authentic self, to our primordial essence – our true nature. We are being called to discover our unique song that is distinct and inherent in each of us. A song that came before our biological, cultural, and collective conditioning.  We are being called to bring conscious awareness to the aspects of ourselves that were formed by the external conditions in our environment or those of our ancestors.

And in this awakening, we are called to re-member and become who we are truly meant to be. This journey must occur in and through the terrain of the body  – for this is where we meet the wounded aspects of ourselves that are held out of conscious awareness. When we mindfully bring compassion and love to our unconscious wounds, we provide the conditions so that the emotions related to these wounds can metabolize and integrate. And through this process, we learn to extend that same compassion to others. As our compassion increases, we begin to have a sense of our inter-connectivity to others, to nature, and to the planet. Presently, we have lost touch with our true essence and collectively we are all being called to embark on this journey to awaken together. 

As humans, we are given a set of maps to accompany us on our journey. Maps such as the nervous system, the developmental stages of childhood, and the subtle energy systems are in place to support us. As our consciousness expands, we gain greater clarity about our purpose or “service” to the planet. Presently, there are somatic therapies that connect the mind and body, but ignore the spiritual aspects of our being. And there are spiritual philosophies that connect the psyche and spirit, yet ignore the body.

Honoring the full spectrum of our human experience involves our acknowledgment that we are both matter and energy. That our life force seeks the full expression of ourselves through these archetypal elements of body and sensation (earth), intuition (fire), emotions (water) and thinking (air). By bringing these elements into balance within ourselves, we return to our innate wholeness- to our authentic blueprint, and we discover who we truly are, and who we are truly meant to be.

Meet Paula

Who am I?

“The therapeutic use of sound can support the healing of limiting beliefs, painful memories, and ancestral patterns  – in this way, the body is able to find it’s natural rhythm and flow reconnecting us to our shared sense of belonging with one another and with the earth”.  

My name is Paula (she/her). I am a sound-therapy or acoustic practitioner, a writer, and facilitator. I gather individuals to sit in circles as we translate between the soma, psyche, and spirit. I weave perspectives from modern neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, and nervous system regulation, with well-established principles from ancient teachings. My offerings are a gateway into the path of feminine consciousness where we embrace the union of archetypal energies (yin/yang, masculine/feminine, the Ida and Pingala) and restore our deeply rooted listening and connection to the wisdom of the earth. I do this through the alchemy of the body. In this process of the Embodied Feminine, individuals are invited into the shared responsibility for each other, our ancestors, our descendants, and our planet.

Work with Paula
Speaking Engagements

“The feminine values the intelligence of feelings; recognizes the necessity of ceremony and rites of passage; teaches the power of listening and being witnessed; holds the significance of intuition and dreams; it is sensitivity itself, vulnerability, and it honors the body’s wisdom”.

–Toko-pa Turner

I believe that everything is interconnected. That our thoughts, emotions, relationships, and external environment have a direct connection to our physical health and sense of well-being. As human organisms, we have an internal operating system that is designed to move in and out of states of expansion and contraction with ease and fluidity. When we are functioning at our optimal level, we are able to navigate periods of unbalance or stress with ease and effectiveness – finding our feet again after a period of unbalance. Relationally, we have clarity about our needs, reach out and take-in external support, set boundaries appropriately, utilize self-regulatory skills, and yield or rest in the safety of another. In other words, we can return to states of homeostasis or vibrational harmony. But when life experiences, adverse events, or stressors are chronic or overwhelming, we might easily lose sight of this inherent ability to find our way back to balance – we end up living a life that is disembodied from ourselves and our true purpose in this world. We learn to function in a state of disconnection and disharmony.

The body IS the doorway to understanding ourselves. It is through the alchemy of the body and its energy systems that we can discover who we were meant to be in this lifetime.

The journey of awakening requires that we allow everything inside us that is not love to descend into the Void in order to experience a rebirth.

My Packages

I offer a unique approach to support you in having a deeper sense of embodiment and connection to your authentic self. I integrate my knowledge of the universal principles that guide our human experience including the science of safety and the nervous system, developmental stages of childhood; masculine and feminine archetypes; and the subtle energy systems.

Individual Biofield Tuning Sessions Package (3-6 sessions): sessions are designed to recalibrate the nervous system to bring the body, mind, and emotions into a state of harmony and coherence.

Individual Psychoacoustic Therapy, The Safe and Sound Exploration  (4-month individual package): Using sound and vibration these sessions support recalibration of the nervous system from states of defense into states of safety and gently reconnect an individual to the fluid expression of the authentic self.

Group Safe and Sound Exploration: Coming Home to the Authentic Self (4-month group experience): Experiential groups designed for individuals who are interested in a transformative experience towards the authentic self and the shared healing of the collective. See Workshops page for more information.

Cultivating Deeper Embodiment and Connection to the Authentic Self

Are My Services A Good Fit?

Individuals Who Work With Me Typically:

  • Trust the organicity of the body and it’s innate drive towards wholeness;
  • Understand the our narratives are shaped by the body’s experiences;
  • Appreciate that memories are stored in the body and in standing waves of the resonant field;
  • Engage in some form of embodied exploration either personally, through work, or in their approach to life;
  • Have capacity to witness their internal experience, emotional states, or physiological activation;
  • Can draw from external and internal resources to find stabilization or regulation;
  • Understand that all healing is self-healing.
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As a practitioner, I stay up to date on the latest resources & educational materials.