Embodying Our Authenticity 

Balancing the Psyche, Soma, and Heart

Using Sound, Vibration, and Movement

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Discover New Paradigms

Explore the science of human connection, sound, somatics, and the Human Biofield

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Balancing the Psyche, Soma, and Heart

Expanding consciousness through sound, vibration, and movement

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Acoustic Sound Journeys

Experience the intersection of sound, vibration, and movement as portals to embodied consciousness

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Check out my recent podcast feature on healing the collective wounds of the masculine and the feminine through sound and vibration!

Today many of us are listening to the call to turn inwards – to realign, reflect, and respond – in order to restore our deep sense of belonging to ourselves, our communities, and the planet.

This journey requires us to restore the fundamental connection between the psyche, soma, and heart – so that we may fully embody each of these through our conscious awareness.

It is a journey of courage, compassion, and curiosity – as we traverse the biological, ancestral, and collective energies that have shaped our understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

As we bring conscious embodiment to the psyche, soma, and heart, we come to know our true essence, our purpose, and our contribution to the planet.

Offerings Include:

Biofield Tuning
Safe and Sound Program
Guided Meditations
Embodied Movement Practices
Somatic Skills
Earthing Practices

Supporting Conscious Embodiment Through:

Aligning the Psyche, Soma, & Heart

Reconnecting with inner wisdom

Inviting creative expression

Expanding clarity & alignment with life’s purpose

Renewing reciprocity with the natural world

Enhancing self-compassion

Increasing interpersonal presence

Are you engaged in any of the following?

Somatic Therapy

Creative Dance

Embodied Movement


Sound Healing

Bioenergetic Healing

Body Work

Breath Work


Contact me, to find out how my offerings may support you on your journey.

Meet Paula

Paula (SHE/HERS) is a writer, educator, and thought-leader in topics such as somatics, movement, and embodied consciousness.

As a mentor, guide, and facilitator of experiential and transformative processes. Paula brings over 30 years of training in human behavior that she interweaves with her experience in the nervous system, the therapeutic use of sound, movement, and bioenergetic principles to support individuals in aligning the psyche, soma, and heart.

Paula has worked in the field of embodiment since 1997. She was responsible for creating the first IOP for eating disorders with Dr Anita Johnston. Paula co-founded and is an online faculty member of The Embodied Recovery Institute. She has provided leadership at institutions such as Duke University. Her somatically oriented lens is featured in the book, Trauma-Informed Approaches To Eating Disorders. Paula’s creative offerings bring together her intuitive wisdom and a grounded perspective on the art and science of conscious embodiment. Paula has been influenced by a lifetime of embodied explorations using sound/music, embodied movement, somatic therapies, and transpersonal methodologies that attend to the individual and collective psyche.

Paula has an LCSW and owns a private practice as a Healing Arts Practitioner in Durham, NC. She offers remote services across the USA and internationally. She serves as a Clinical Consultant for Unyte-ILS and is the lead author of the SE-SSP guidelines published by Unyte-ILS.

Work with Paula
Speaking Engagements

“For most of us enlightenment isn’t a sudden awakening, but a slow process of shining the light of consciousness onto those rejected, forgotten, and denied places within”.

– T. Turner

Embodying Our Authenticity

Balancing the Psyche, Soma, and Heart: Using Sound, Vibration, and Movement

Acoustic Sound Journeys

Acoustic Sound Journeys provide a combination of somatic, energetic, psychological, and physiological support to gently engage the internal mechanisms so that we can safely embody ourselves, connect to our inner wisdom, and live from a more authentic place. This transformative process brings us into engagement with our protective strategies (ego) and inherited wounds that keep us out of alignment with our hearts. In this journey we are also invited back to our natural rhythm and inter-dependent relationship with the natural world.

Individual Acoustic Sound Journey: $200 per session

Acoustic Sound Journey Workshop: see workshops for details and pricing for 6 or 12 week format


Biofield Tuning is a contemporary approach to sound healing that uses the vibration from tuning forks to induce targeted relaxation and to recalibrate our vibrational rhythms from stressors that regularly deplete us.

Paula’s unique approach to Biofield Tuning supports individuals in attending to the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic blocks that prevent us from accessing our fully expression of the authentic self. This gentle and elegant approach often results in deep sustained changes as it brings the psyche, soma, and heart into a state of greater coherence and flow.

Biofield Tuning: 90 minute session $225

Balancing the Psyche, Soma, and Heart: Using Sound, Vibration, and Movement

Are you looking for the next step ?

Individuals who work with me typically:

  • Trust the organicity of the body and it’s innate drive towards wholeness;
  • Understand the our narratives are shaped by the body’s individual, ancestral, and collective experiences;
  • Appreciate that memories are stored in the body and in standing waves of the resonant field;
  • Actively engage in embodied explorations, mindfulness, or self-awareness practices;
  • Have capacity to witness their internal experience, emotional states, or physiological activation;
  • Can draw from external and internal resources to find stabilization or regulation;
  • Understand that all healing is self-healing.
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