Welcome to Blog, Re-Birthing Ourselves

April 28, 2024

Hi I’m Paula. My mission is to support individuals like yourself to liberate the Soul (Self) so you can come into more joy, passion, creativity, and soulful living!

Through a process of self-inquiry and embodied exploration, called Transformative Harmonics, I will help you break free of the self-limiting beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that keep you out of self-love or stuck in states of disconnection from your heart. This processing of re-birthing ourselves is not an easy task so having a mentor or guide will help to cut through some of the barriers and blocks that can arise in this inward journey of the Self.

I am here as a guide, facilitator, and doula. I am walking the path of soulful living and have been on this journey since the age of 17. I am honored to support you on your journey home to your deepest self. This weekly blog is a gift from me, to support you along the way.

Rethinking Disordered Eating Behaviors, Reflections on Enoughness

As the 2nd version of the book, Trauma-Informed Approaches to Eating Disorders is released this year, I am grateful that I was asked to

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Inner Child Healing

”As I gradually open to the grief of my abandoned inner child, I was then better able to reclaim the hurt child with love,

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My Journey of Becoming A Somatically-Integrative Practitioner

While teaching with my Embodied Recovery co-founder Rachel Lewis, I came to understand myself through a lens that she developed for somatic providers. It

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Seasons of the Soul

How long 'til my soul gets it rightCan any human being ever reach that kind of lightI call on the resting soul of Galileo

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How Songs Help Us Heal

“Music speaks the language of the soul, penetrating into the past and resonating into the future, unearthing pain and tenderness and sorrow and joy,

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Beyond the 5 Senses: The Gift of Feeling

“Intuition is one of the senses that may be one of the greatest forms of intelligence, which is largely disregarded and dismissed in the

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The Four Principles of Transformative Harmonics

We are currently in a collective rebirth of humanity as we circle back around through another cycle from our great forgetting into our great

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Embodying the Unified Self: Advanced Applications of the Safe and Sound Protocol

Paula was recently a guest contributor to the "Reclaiming Beauty" blog.  You can read the article in full by clicking the button below:

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