Transformative Harmonics Programs

Science * Somatics * Sound * Spirituality

If you are ready to step into a new paradigm of health and well-being, you are in the right place.

Transformative Harmonics courses and workshops are designed for individuals who are committed to investing in their own healing and growth for the good of all. A unique integration of modern psychology, sound, bioenergetic healing, and somatics, our programs support individuals in developing themselves in a like-minded community that is committed to living and engaging authentically to support one another in a shared mission of planetary change.

"When we come to know ourselves as we truly are, our purpose and service to this planet at this time becomes more clear”.
- Paula Marie


Embodying The Unified Self

Are you ready to free yourself from your old narratives and find your unique song?

This unique sound journeying experience blends the ancient wisdom of sound healing with Dr. Stephen Porges Safe and Sound Program to heal the wounds of the inner child and support you in reconnecting to Self.


Illuminating Your Electric Health

Discover regulation and embodiment through bioenergetics

Are you ready to take your self-healing practice to the next level?

Are you looking for new ways to help your clients?

Develop greater attunement with the physical, emotional, and subtle bodies through the ancient wisdom and practice of bioenergetics. This Reiki program provides opportunities to deepen your connection to the body, release stress, and remove the blocks that are keeping you out of alignment and your access to soulful living.


Acoustic Alchemy: Healing Our Core Wounds

Are you ready to repattern the collective and ancestral imprints through the alchemy of sound?

This experiential sound lab blends Paula’s expertise in Somatic Experiencing, Biofield Tuning, and Energy Psychology with the healing effects of sound and vibration. Using sound as a sonic window into the soul, we will explore the archetypal patterns held in your ancestral line and archetypal field to recalibrate the body, reclaim the heart, and restore the mind.


Cultivating Creativity and Intuitive Insight

Ready to tune into your own inner guidance system?