Courses & Workshops

To heal our individual and collective consciousness and expand into our multidimensional selves, we must embody all layers of the human experience bringing them into coherence and harmony. This process supports our shift out of the dualistic mind into our hearts, our bodies, and deeper ways of knowing. In this process, we reawaken our deep connection to the unified field of consciousness and support the evolution of humanity. Transformative Harmonics offers three courses to support you on your path of conscious evolution.

"When we come to know ourselves as we truly are, our purpose and service to this planet at this time becomes more clear”.

Realign Your Heart: Open Yourself to Self Love, Compassion, and Joyful Living

Master Course: The Healing Power of Sound: A Contemporary Sound Journey to Support Individual, Ancestral, and Collective Healing

This online course and sound lab is a first step in Transformative Harmonics offered through a 7-week group experience that uses vibrational healing, sound, movement, and somatics as portals to conscious embodiment. Combining modern acoustics with vibrational healing allows us to cultivate deep shifts in our consciousness in ways that are similar to breath work, psychedelics, and sound journeying practices. By bringing the presence of “safety” to our unhealed parts of the Self, we can begin to build the neurological, psychological, and energetic structures to support deep and sustained change in the mind-body systems. By tuning into the unified field, we extend this process even further to offer ancestral and collective healing as well, supporting us in developing a deeper sense of connection with our true essence. It is through our connection to our true essence that we experience more joy, love, and creativity, and connection in life.

Restore Your Power: Awaken Your Internal Power and Capacity for Embodied Action

Master Course, Balancing Our Sacred Dualities Part I

Coming in 2024!

There is a deep center of power within us all that is located in the lower gut and physical space around it. This area of the body is the foundation of our personal source of power. It connects us to our psoas, the muscle of the soul, and to the organs that govern our hormones and reproductive systems. When we come into full embodiment of this area we step back into ourselves to fully inhabit the body, and experience a feeling of deep emotional security and groundedness in our everyday lives. Many traditional wisdom teachings understood this power center and its role in balancing the sacred dualities within us.

Many of us are disconnected from this center due to individual, ancestral, and collective wounding. Rather than experiencing it as a powerful source of creativity and power, we are numb to it. We hold undigested wounds in this location that are passed down from one generation to another. When we firmly commit to embodying this aspect of the energetic and physical body, we are gifted with a sense of vibrance and power that infuses all aspects of our lives.

Balancing Our Sacred Dualities Part I is a unique offering designed to invite you into a deeper understanding and embodiment of our inherited collective wounding. This sound lab and course combines traditional wisdom with modern acoustics, psychology, neuroscience, and bioeneregic healing, to support you in rebalancing the nervous system and attending to the inherited beliefs that are the byproducts of our collective conditioning.

By blending modern neuroscience with ancient wisdom we are able to free ourselves from these conditioned responses and ways of perceiving ourselves and others, to make room for a different paradigm as humans.

Creating Inner and Outer Coherence

Master Course, Balancing Our Sacred Dualities Part II

Coming in late 2024!

Balancing Our Sacred Dualities Part II will be coming soon to offer continued support as you dismantle the physiology, energetics, psychology of the old systems and ways of relating to invite a new healed version of yourself to come forward. This sound lab and course combines traditional wisdom with modern acoustics, psychology, neuroscience, and bioenergetic healing, to support additional healing of the collective unconscious patterns that are held in your emotional, mental, physical, and subtle body (nervous system). Using new Polyvagal-informed music, this program will support additional nervous system rebalancing. It will include a companion guide to support you in a deeper understanding of yourself in the context of your collective unconscious patterns.