Blending contemporary science with ancient wisdom

The human body is complex and nuanced. It has systems that incorporate both our conscious and unconscious experiences and these systems can tell us a lot about our capacity for resilience. You can read the science behind each of these methods through the links below.


The vagus nerve is the biggest nerve in the body responsible for connecting many of the bodily functions including the heart, the brain and the intestinal system. It also influences the mind-body relationship.

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Biofield science is the study of energy and information. This bridges the gap between ancient philosophies and emerging neuroscience.

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Sound and Vibration As Medicine

Chronic or acute stress are known to create disharmony in the physiological and energetic systems of the body resulting in emotional or physical health conditions. The emerging field of acoustics supports health by bringing the body, emotions, and mind back into coherence and harmony.

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“Your subconscious mind is really your body. Peptides are the biochemical correlate of emotion…they provide the body’s most basic communication network…this means that emotional memory is stored throughout the body…and you can access emotional memory anywhere throughout the network.”

– Candace Pert, Molecules of Emotion