Transformative Harmonics

Individual Private Session Packages

Sessions are for:

  • Providers, helpers, or consciousness explorers who want to become more grounded and embodied
  • Individuals who want to feel more aligned and expand into their creativity or intuitive gifts
  • Individuals who are interested in learning more about the nervous system, their inner child, ancestral lineage pieces, and collective archetypes
  • Individuals who have been on a journey of expanding consciousness, who want to bring their true selves forward and become co-creators in their lives

As a bridge, I bring over 30 years of experience in psychology using archetypes and body-based methods that I blend with my expertise of the nervous system, quantum healing, and the science of sound, to help you clear the blocks that are keeping you out of alignment with your authentic Self.

I am here to share the key features that have helped me along the way such as:

  • Understanding our energetic imprints in the ancestral line and collective field
  • Learning to trust the wisdom of the body
  • Reconnecting to the wounded inner child archetype
  • Restoring the divine child archetype
  • Removing the barriers that keep you out of self-love
  • Expanding access to pleasure and joy
  • Taping into the power of intuition through ritual and writing
  • Reclaiming your right for deep meaningful relationships

6 session recalibration package 

Sessions Length:
75-90 minutes

$250 per session