Transformative Harmonics

Embodying The Unified Self: Private Sessions

Embodying the Unified Self Personal Sound Journey
Awakening the Inner Child through Sound, Science, and Somatics

These individual session packages are based on my mastercourse and sound lab. Each personal and private sound journey includes access to my online course to serve as a guide as you awaken your consciousness and connect to the inner child through somatics, bioenergetic healing, sound, and movement.

Through energy-sound healing, somatics, and modern acoustics (i.e.The Safe and Sound Program, from Dr. Stephen Porges), these sessions are designed to support both nervous system recalibration and deep transformative healing for the inner child. Through a process of self-discovery and nervous system re-tuning, this program will support you in accessing the layers of protection that have kept you out of full embodiment, awakened consciousness, and access to self-love.

Visit my webpage on my Mastercourse for more information about this transformative experience.

Hybrid: 6
Immersive: 12 sessions
60-75 minutes

$250 per session