Transformative Harmonics

Acoustic Alchemy - Healing Our Core Wounds Private Sessions

Songs touch us, tell stories, and evoke emotional tones that allow us to access unconscious blocks that are held out of awareness.

Are You Ready to Heal Our Core Wounds through Sound and Biofield Healing?

Our three lower energy centers hold the emotional wounds of the inner child. These wounds are aspects of our individual and collective unconscious. Left unprocessed, these wounds lead us to develop somatic and psychological defenses that become our personality and shape our capacity for self-love and emotional expression. These wounds also speak of our ability to access the relational movements of yield, push, reach, grasp, and pull. Ultimately, they keep us from experiencing deep connection with others, prevent us from accessing our feelings of joy, and reduce our capacity for compassionate living.

These one-on-one sound journeys attend to the 3-core wounds of the inner child (abandonment, shame, and powerlessness). Through a curated playlist (music from the 1960’s-1980’s), these sound journeys offer you a bridge into the emotional body, somatic patterns, and Biofield to engage with your inner narratives. If you enjoy the songs of James Taylor, The Beatles, Elton John, or the Eagles, these sound journey’s are for you!

These sessions often include additional support or somatic coaching to help you deepen into the shifts and changes that are taking place during the sound journey.

60-75 Minutes

$250 per session

Please contact me if you have any questions or special requests. 


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