Podcast: Kahuna Wisdom with Hank Wesselman

January 1, 2024

Tami Simon speaks with Hank Wesselman, who has a PhD in anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley, and for many years studied the origin of the human species in the Rift Valley in East Africa. He is also a student and teacher of shamanic practices and is the coauthor of the Sounds True book Awakening to the Spirit World, with fellow shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman. His new book with Sounds True is The Bowl of Light: Ancestral Wisdom from a Hawaiian Shaman. In this episode, Dr. Wesselman speaks the lessons he learned from his friendship with the late Hawaiian kahuna and wisdom keeper Hale Makua-including a technique called “the bowl of light” that can help us connect to our divine nature, and the vision of an “Ancestral Grand Plan” for humanity.

Psychoacoustics and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

Paula was recently a guest contributor to the "Reclaiming Beauty" blog.  You can read the article in full by clicking the button below:

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Podcast: Is There A Holy Grail Of Healing with Lissa Rankin

In this podcast, Dr. Rankin speaks with Sounds True founder, Tami Simon, about her new book, Sacred Medicine: A Doctor's Quest to Unravel the

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Podcast: Sacred Medicine And Healing with Lissa Rankin

In this episode Dr. Rankin discusses healing and curing, health and healing, spiritual healing, spiritual bypassing, the subjective aspects of healing, and more.

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Podcast: On Dreams and Belonging with Toko-Pa Turner

Whether we feel unworthy, alienated, or anxious about our place in the world, the absence of belonging is the great silent wound of our

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Podcast: The Chakra Journey with Anodea Judith

Tami Simon speaks with Anodea Judith, an internationally acclaimed speaker, workshop leader, yoga teacher, psychotherapist, and author. Anodea holds a doctorate in mind-body health,

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Podcast: The Biofield: The Missing Link Between Healing and Consciousness with Shamini Jain

Dr. Shamini Jain is a clinical psychologist, researcher, public speaker, and the founder of the nonprofit Consciousness and Healing Initiative. With Sounds True, she’s

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Podcast: All About Our Electric Health & Biofield Tuning with Eileen McKusick

In this episode, Micah Folsom hosts Eileen McKusick, an expert in the area of biofield tuning and healing through realignment of the body’s electromagnetic

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Podcast: Healing Collective Trauma with Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl is an Austrian-born contemporary spiritual teacher and the founder of the Academy of Inner Science. With Sounds True, he has recorded the

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