Podcast Appearance: Food, The Body, Trauma, & Attachment on the Therapist Uncensored Podcast

June 27, 2019

On this episode of the Therapist Uncensored Podcast, Paula discusses Food, The Body, Trauma, & Attachment. What if we flipped the script and learned to see our body as a messenger that needs to be heard rather than an obstacle to be conquered when it comes to our relationship with food? Using a somato-psychosocial model, we learn that the body has much to say not only about food but also emotional regulation and our basic human needs for attachment and defense.

Podcast Appearance: Blending Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science Using Sound Journeying

Paula joins the Therapy Wise Podcast to speak about how she blends ancient wisdom and modern science using sound journeying. This episode was deep

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Podcast Appearance: Psychoacoustics & Safety

Paula joins Dr. Jenny Ward on the Therapy Wise Podcast Today’s to discuss blending ancient wisdom and modern science using sound journeying.Listen below.You can

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Psychoacoustics and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

Paula was recently a guest contributor to the "Reclaiming Beauty" blog.  You can read the article in full by clicking the button below:

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Podcast Appearance: Somatic Experience, Polyvagal Theory and SSP for Trauma on the Safe & Sound Podcast

Paula joins the Safe & Sound Podcast to discuss Somatic Experience, Polyvagal Theory and SSP for Trauma

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Podcast Appearance: Sound Vibration, Movement & Trauma on The Trauma Therapist Podcast

Paula joins The Trauma Therapist Podcast to discuss Sound Vibration, Movement & Trauma

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Podcast Appearance: Healing the Collective Wounds of the Masculine and the Feminine through Sound and Vibration

Paula joins the Inner Alchemy Podcast with Becca Clegg to discuss healing the collective wounds of the masculine and the feminine through sound and

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Podcast Appearance: How Attachment Theory Can Be Applied To The Treatment Of Eating Disorders

The Attachment Theory Podcast welcomes Paula Scatoloni & Rachel Lewis-Marlow, both of whom specialize in eating disorder treatment, discuss how attachment theory can be

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Podcast Appearance: Somatic Healing with Karin Lewis

In this episode, Karin Lews, MA, LMFT, CEDS is joined by Paula Scatoloni, LCSW, CEDS, SEP. Paula is a somatic-based psychotherapist, Certified Eating Disorders

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