Book: Attuned: Practicing Interdependence to Heal Our Trauma―and Our World By Thomas Hübl

November 29, 2023

A road map to harness the power of our collective human consciousness as a source for healing our traumatized world

We are all interconnected―and dependent on each other to shape the world in which we live. Yet even though technology has allowed us to digitally share our lives with more people than ever, the result has been a growing pattern of personal isolation, alienation, and division. Why is this? “We are seeing the manifestation of collective trauma,” says luminary Thomas Hübl, who has reached thousands of people around the world through his teachings on mysticism and healing. “The profoundly complex challenges we face demand a new level of human collaboration.”

In Attuned, Hübl, together with writer Julie Jordan Avritt, shares a visionary guide for individuals, therapists, and other professionals committed to healing our struggling world. Attuning to a person, group, or organization means coming into resonance by listening mindfully to the inner sensations, feelings, images, and information that arise. At the core of the book is the “relational field”―a vast matrix of energy through which information is shared within, around, and between us. In each chapter, you'll find insights and practices for perceiving and tuning in to oneself and others, and ultimately contributing to the healing of this field, including:

• The mystical and evolutionary principles behind human development and connection
• Resources for embodying resilience, processing toxic stress, and regulating our individual and collective nervous systems
• Attunement practices for working with the effects of trauma in yourself and across communities
• Transparent communication―a practice of relating through authentic awareness and vulnerability
• Guidance for group facilitators, healing ancestral trauma, and more

By embracing our interdependence, we can activate what is needed to respond to and evolve through the challenges of our age. “It may take only a small number of us,” explains Hübl, “to establish a new level of collective coherence―to share our light, heal our wounds, and realize the unawakened potential of our world.”

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