Embodied Awakening

“We are being invited into an embodied awakening  –  to feel the language of our soul through the body, to think through embodied cognition and feel through embodied emotions”. 

The human body is infinitely intelligent – it holds the blueprint of our soul. Yet we have dismissed and disconnected our bodies from our states of consciousness. And we are suffering greatly for that now. Our bodies (or matter) actually “hold” our consciousness. And in every moment, our bodies are communicating to us about our consciousness in its instinctive and primordial way. But we have lost our connection to the vast wisdom, to our intuition, and to our inner knowing.

Embodied Awakening 

An experiential workshop for somatically-oriented providers and healers who wish to embody the full expression of the self  and support healing in the unified collective field. 

This is a time in the world of “embodied awakening”. A time where we have collectively been given the gift to come out of our perpetual state of disconnection, dissociation, over-use of logic, individualism, and disembodiment into active engagement, and empowered actions that are guided by cooperation, collaboration, compassion, connection, and inter-relatedness. To awaken, we are asked to embody our disowned personal experiences and our shared collective memories – the epigenetic imprints of our inherited fear and suffering that keep us in states of separation and isolation.

In this alchemistical process, we are called to honor our feminine essence, called into the vibration of love and non-judgement. Called to surrender to the ebb and flow of mother earth and our natural rhythms again. We are asked to be open to love and to trust love. We are asked to be non-hierarchical, kind to one another, and to create a sense of belonging for one another.

Carl Jung describes elemental archetypes or energies that are inherent in each of us: fire (intuition), earth (sensation), air (thinking) and water (feeling). When we are in touch with ourselves through these elemental archetypes releasing the emotional, energetic, and physical contractions that prevent us from feeling our full aliveness, we will find a great energy that flows through us. We will feel increased vitality, creative expression, and great pleasure. We will feel a magical sense of interconnection. The more in-tuned we become with the body, the more we will experience our authentic expression of ourselves that came before our childhood and cultural wounding and conditioning.

Individuals Who Will Benefit From This Transformative Experience:

  • Desire a re-set of the fight, flight, freeze patterns that are the undercurrent of many common conditions in the world today;
  • Are seeking freedom from the neurological states, survival strategies, and belief systems that arise in the aftermath of acute and chronic stress or developmental wounding;
  • Are empowered to move towards a greater sense of connection to the authentic self and an enhanced capacity for attuned relational presence with others.

***PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is experiential in nature and includes the use of an auditory listening system called The Safe and Sound Protocol.

You are encouraged to participate to the level of your ability and comfort. Please find information about Safe and Sound Protocol at https://integratedlistening.com/. If you feel hesitation or unable to participate in any of the activities, please communicate this to the training facilitator.

This workshop is designed to promote healing through the nervous system, attachment system, sensory system, and the collective field. It does not include CE and is not a group for case consultation.

This workshop includes access to SSP 3-Pathways Listening System for 3 months, 10-acoustic listening sessions, weekly tracking and somatic coaching, and group closure session. Participants will also be required to come prepared with somatic tools, art and journaling materials, to use in each listening session.

Participants will be invited to register their iPhone to Safe and Sound Protocol through Unyte ILS. The ear headset must be purchased by the participant prior to the group. Participants must have access to a quiet environment without distractions to participate.

Facilitator: Paula brings weaves her intuitive gifts and understanding of masculine and feminine archetypes with her experience in psycho-acoustic methods, Safe and Sound Protocol, Somatic Experiencing, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Body-Mind Centering, Janina Fisher’s parts work, and Embodied Recovery Principles, to guide participants through a transformative experience that illustrates how the body holds the key to both or suffering and our resilience.

Participants attend a 3-month virtual group. Each session is 90-minutes in length. It is limited to 4 participants per cohort.

This workshop is designed for individuals who are seeking an embodied experience of themselves. Those who are engaged and influencing the field of trauma/somatic methods or who are engaged in embodiment practices and methods (such as somatic providers, yoga instructors, or healing arts practitioners) will find this workshop will add dimensions to their existing work. It is helpful for individuals to be Polyvagal-Informed, have the capacity to track the body and nervous system, and be able to somatically resource both inside and outside of group the sessions.

Tuition: $1600 ($133 per 90-minute session) 

Payment Plan: There is a payment plan (4 monthly installments of $400) available for this workshop. Select the “Payment Plan” option on the registration form. Discounts offered to those in financial need or members of the BIPOC community. Please indicate in the application of you have any financial limitations that need to be considered in order for you to be a part of the experience.

REFUND: Refund of full tuition paid minus $100 available if cancellation is made up to 6 weeks prior to the start of the course. A refund of 50% of tuition paid minus $100 is available if cancellation is made between 3-6 weeks prior to the start of the course. No refund is available if cancellation is made within 2 weeks of the start of the course.


Week 1 Introduction Session

Participants will meet their cohort and orient to the psycho-acoustic method (Safe and Sound Protocol). This 90-minute group will include a review of Attachment Strategies, Polyvagal Theory, Window of Resilience, and the Relational Cycle.  We will discuss somatic mapping techniques for attachment and defense, and sensory resourcing skills that will be used during the listening sessions.

Week 2-11 Auditory Listening Sessions (10 total)

Participants will be guided and supported during this 90-minute group experience which will integrate art, movement, and sensory activities during the acoustic intervention.

Follow-up Session
Participants will meet as a group to process their experience and integrate it into their existing knowledge and skill set as somatic providers.

 Cohort A: Somatically-Oriented Providers and Healers

Cohort A: Intro Meeting
Tuesday Aug 30th 10:30am ET

Listening Sessions
Cohort 1: Listening Sessions (Tuesdays 10:30am ET)
Sept 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th; Oct 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th; Nov 1st, 8th

Follow-up Meeting
Tuesday Nov 29th 10:30am ET

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 Cohort B: Somatically-Oriented Providers and Healers

Cohort B: Intro Meeting
Tuesday Aug 30th 1:00pm ET

Listening Sessions
Cohort B: Listening sessions (Tuesdays 1:00pm ET)
Sept 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th; Oct 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th; Nov 1st, 8th

Follow-up Meeting
Tuesday Nov 29th 1:00pm ET

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 Cohort C: Somatically-Oriented Providers and Healers – This workshop is Full. Waitlist Only

Cohort C: Intro Meeting
Wednesdays Aug 31st 10;30am ET

Listening Sessions
Cohort 1: Listening Sessions (Wednesdays 10:30am ET)
Sept 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th; Oct 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th; Nov 2nd, 9th

Follow-up Meeting
Wednesday Nov 30th 10:30am ET

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“The global epidemic of disconnection is unfelt and unexamined. But as we begin to sing more light into the field the sedimentary layers and static residual energies of the collective shadow will shift and release, restoring living light where there has previously been darkness. Our fragments will reconsolidate and the collective nervous system will rewire and connect in a field of assembly and correlation. Harmonic resonance will grow in the intersubjective spaces, and new and deeper faculties will be activated within and between us. Our focus will shift away from lack and separation towards presence and wholeness.”

– Thomas Hübl