Below are some resources you may find beneficial:

Guided Meditation: Opening The Back Of The Heart

Here is a short but sweet gift for you on your journey to Self Harmonics, The Heart is a power portal to inner transformation. Begin to develop your relationship with your hear space in this short but potent meditation adapted from The Gift of the Body, by Jonathan Goldman.

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Spiritual Geek Out Podcast

The Spiritual Geek Out Podcast is a collective of conversations with the goal of stirring inquiry, inspiration, and innovations in service to your soul and your path.

The Point of Relation Podcast with Thomas Hübl

The Point of Relation podcast illuminates the path to collective healing at the intersection of science and mysticism. Host Thomas Hübl welcomes visionaries, innovators, artists, and healers for deep conversations about how we can activate our shared intelligence to meet the most pressing challenges of our time.

Lissa Rankin Programs

Finding Refuge Podcast with Michelle Cassandra Johnson

The Finding Refuge Podcast emerged from work based in the exploration of collective grief and liberation. It exists to remind us about all the ways we can find refuge during unsettling and uncertain times, and to remind us about the resilience and joy that comes from allowing ourselves to find refuge.

The Michael Singer Podcast

Join the New York Times bestselling author of The Untethered Soul, The Surrender Experiment, and Living Untethered for this free series of curated teaching sessions, recorded at his Temple of the Universe yoga and meditation center.


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Gaia is the Netflix of Consciousness, Embodiment, and Spirituality.

Sounds True

Sounds True offers podcasts, resources, and community to support the evolution of the Self and the planet.

Restorative Practices Alliance

Restorative Practices Alliance offers helpful resources, videos, courses and content on our ancestral lineage and Wisdom Teachings in relation to Polyvagal Theory and our innate capacity for connectivity, attunement, and collaborative living.

Healing Vibrations Documentary

This documentary, called Healing Vibrations, highlights the work of Eileen McKusick and the use of sound and vibration to support health, freedom, and comfort in the body. In this film, you will learn how sound can help release trauma and lead to the liberation of the Self. This movie can be found on Amazon or Gaia.

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