Level Two

Illuminating Your Electric Health

Discover a psychotherapeutic approach to bioenergetics

Are you ready to take your self-healing practice to the next level?

Do you want to expand your therapeutic toolbox?

Traditional wisdom teachings give us an expanded perspective on our universal consciousness and the means by which we can come into a deeper understanding and experience of our full potential as multidimensional beings.

Ancient practices understand that we have 4 distinct bodies. Mental, Emotional, Physical and Subtle. These traditions also understand the intersection of these bodies and their influence on our health, happiness, and sense of harmony with each other and the world. In these cultures healing occurs with a guide or facilitator from the community who creates ceremony to stand between the two worlds of the seen and unseen as an individual is guided to access their own self-healing capacities. Often the focus of the healing attends to the core wounding that is held in the body.

In our modern culture, I see the somatic therapist in the role of facilitator or guide. Each one of us also brings a wealth of innate gifts that we draw from and integrate into our approach.

This course brings together my own understanding of ancient wisdom and modern perspectives by inviting you to step into your own self-healing capacity through the cultivation of your relationship with:

The natural world
The organic blueprint
The ancestors and helpers
The higher self

Join us as we help you to build your tool box so you can deepen your embodiment, cultivate attuned presence, and enhance your connection to yourself through earth-based practices and ancient wisdom.

Coming this Fall!