To be at home in ourselves, requires that we have the ability to mindfully witness (i.e. hold space) both our pain and our triumphs – with compassion, presence, and patience. And, it requires us to be in the presence of other while we witness ourselves. Because, healing happens in the context of relationship. It requires exceptional courage and a willingness to be vulnerable as we allow our process to unfold. So that our process is guided by the innate wisdom that is held in every cell of the body. And, it is the trust in this somatic wisdom and in the body’s own drive to move towards wholeness, that creates the conditions for health to occur.

Here are a few thoughts to guide you in your decision into our work together.

Preparing for the Journey: Deepening our embodiment of emotions, physiology, cognitions, and self energy is a commitment to being conscious in the present moment to whatever we are experiencing. Sessions with me can be 2x a month or 1x a month which will titrate the pacing of the change process.

Individual Sessions are a package 6 sessions

If Safe and Sound Protocol is integrated into the plan, then weekly 60 or 30-minute sessions are required:

  • Bi-weekly sessions
  • Monthly sessions
  • Virtual (Durham, NC)

Before and After Sessions: I find that setting time aside for integration after a session and in the time between our sessions (for reading, meditation, writing, or mindful movement) can be helpful. I also encourage those I work with to keep a regular writing journal or dream journal throughout the process to track change at various levels. After any session, to support integration, I recommend lots of water, soaking in Epson salt bath for 20 minutes, and rest. It is not uncommon for individuals to experience a detox period after a session that can include significant physical or emotional shifts. Access to external support or an ability to use tools to process internally after a session is helpful.

Life Style Changes: You may find on your journey that lifestyle changes will occur as your external life begins to reflect more coherently with your internal identity. You may re-attune to your own unique rhythm, or find that some relationships may shift as you change.You may start new behavioral practices or let go of old ones that are no longer serving you. In between sessions be sure to look over my resource list of helpful books that will aid you along your path to embodiment and self-awareness or listen to the podcasts that I have provided from pioneers in the embodiment field.

Assessing Change: Each time we meet I will ask you “what feels different or easier”? This is a big question with lots of data points to reference from. It requires that you to pay attention. And keep in mind that you are in a transformative process, so the smallest change may hold significant meaning. Sometimes change will be evident, clear, or even mystical. And other times, it may be very subtle to track and very nuanced. Honoring your time, your effort, and continuing to be honest about where you are in the change process will make all the difference. If an unconscious part is unsure about the change process, it will impact the work. And know that all parts are welcome and invited into the process.

See packages page for my current rates.