Individual Offerings

Considering working together?

  • Have been on a path to self empowerment through self inquiry using mindfulness, meditation, yoga, or somatic methods professionally or personally;

  • Have capacity to mindfully witness their internal experience, emotional states, or physiological activation;

  • Understand the our narratives are shaped by the body’s experiences of safety and threat;

  • Can draw from external and internal resources to find stabilization or regulation;

  • Understand that all healing is self-healing.

  • Trust the organicity of the body and our innate drive towards wholeness;

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Is This Work Right for You?

The best way to know if this is right for you is to experience it. Words do not adequately convey the nature of this transformative work. So, my invitation is to read the entire website and get in touch with me if this approach feels right for you. Embodiment sessions require you to “be with” yourself in a whole new way. To slow down, to listen. It is truly a gift that you are giving yourself and I am honored to be on that path with you.

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My services are designed for those who are interested in complementary approaches to psychological, spiritual, and physical health that facilitate individual, ancestral, and collective healing.

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