Acoustic Sound Journeys


Biofield Tuning


Aligning the Psyche, Soma, and Heart through Conscious Embodiment

Biofield Tuning

The human biofield contains a record of our memories and the blueprint of our physical bodies embedded as energy and information. Biofield Tuning uses sound waves produced by tuning forks to clear congested emotions and stress patterns that are held in the body and surrounding biofield to bring the psyche, soma, and heart into alignment.

Paula’s offerings of Biofield Tuning will support you in:

  • Deepening your sense of groundedness or conscious embodiment
  • Reconnecting with intrinsic wisdom 

  • Shifting unhealthy relational patterns

  • Clearing unhelpful belief systems

  • Developing self-compassion

In-person apt on Wed ONLY in Durham NC. All other sessions are remote by phone or Zoom.

Individual sessions: $225

Biofield Tuning

Acoustic Sound Journeys

Paula combines her intuitive gifts as a sound healer with an acoustic intervention developed by Dr. Stephen Porges – known for his research on Polyvagal Theory.This acoustic intervention uses specifically filtered music through the auditory pathways to calm physiological and emotional states.

Through increasing the felt sense of safety we are better able to meet, greet, and interact with aspects of the psyche, soma, and heart that reflect our biological, ancestral, and cultural conditioning in order to move towards a more authentic expression of our true essence. 

Acoustic Sound Journeys support you in.

  • Deepening your capacity to yield into relational safety

  • Strengthen self-compassion and your ability for attuned relational presence

  • Gently dismantling the culturally-conditioned self & aligning with the authentic self

  • Providing access to more spontaneity, joy, and creativity.

  • Discovering a renewed sense of belonging and connection to the natural world

  • Reconnecting to your innate gifts and talents.

Acoustic Sound Journey Workshop:

6-week group > Register Here

12-week group (new dates coming soon!)

Individual Sound Journey Sessions: $200 each (ask about packages)

Sample Acoustic Sound Journey: This offering is ideal for those are interested in a Contemporary Sound Journey but would like to know a little more before they jump into a group. Pre-requisite: individuals must have an established somatic or embodiment practice and comfort in tracking the body as it shifts states.

Click on the application for the list of practices that meet minimum requirement.

Fee: $100 per 90-minute group. Receive a $50 discount for any workshop after completing a sample sound journey with Paula

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My Offerings Are Designed For Individuals Who:

  • Are actively on a path of self discovery using tools such as mindfulness, meditation, parts work, focusing, yoga, somatic trauma healing, or movement practices

  • Have the capacity to mindfully witness their internal experience, emotional states, or physiological activation;
  • Understand the our narratives are shaped by the body’s experiences of safety and threat individually, ancestrally, and collectively;
  • Draw from external and internal resources to find stabilization or regulation;
  • Understand that all healing is self-healing.
  • Trust the organicity of the body and our innate drive towards wholeness;

The human body is infinitely intelligent – it holds the blueprint of our soul. Yet we have dismissed and disconnected our bodies from our states of consciousness. And we are suffering greatly for that now. Our bodies (or matter) actually “hold” our consciousness. And in every moment, our bodies are communicating to us about our consciousness in its instinctive and primordial way. But we have lost our connection to the vast wisdom, to our intuition, to our inner knowing.