“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi

Sound As Medicine Program

Sound As Medicine is a program for coaches, therapists, counselors, body workers, teachers, healing arts practitioners, or “wayshowers” who are interested in the therapeutic use of sound in the evolution of personal and collective consciousness. Sound As Medicine courses introduce and engage participants in practical psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, spiritual wisdom, and perspectives on consciousness to support personal and professional growth.

Sound As Medicine Introduction Course: using a contemporary sound tool developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, called The Safe and Sound Protocol,  this introduction course will expand your capacity to facilitate change within yourself, others, and the communities you serve.


Biofield Tuning non-medical therapeutic method that uses sound waves through tuning forks, to engage with your nervous system and biomagnetic field to facilitate a shift in conscious and subconscious patterns that are held in the body.

The term biofield refers to our body’s electrical system in its entirety – both the electric current that runs through our bodies, and the magnetic field that surrounds it. It is an elegant approach to releasing stored stress in that it allows access to longer-held bodily patterns that are held in our ancestral and collective psyche.

These sessions support you in feeling more resourced and embodied as your body and nervous system are brought into a state of harmony and flow.

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Biofield Tuning Benefits

  • Release stress patterns
  • Access emotions

  • Deepen embodiment
  • Enhance health

Conscious Movement

Dance has been used as a method of healing for centuries. These classes are a fusion of world music and movement experiences that will take you on a journey through the natural rhythms and expressions of the body. Designed to reconnect you to the joy of movement through the body’s fluids system, we will celebrate inner and outer diversity and engage in the universal movement patterns that are inherent in all humans.


Conscious Movement Benefits

  • Celebrate diversity
  • Access creative expression
  • Restore flow
  • Release stuck patterns

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Courses, Retreats, Individual Services

  • Learn to integrate ancient wisdom and modern science
  • Engage in collective healing
  • Deepen into the seat of the heart
  • Access your inner authority
  • Improve your capacity for embodied presence
  • Restore your relationship with the natural world