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The human body is infinitely intelligent – it holds the blueprint of our soul. Yet we have dismissed and disconnected our bodies from our states of consciousness. And we are suffering greatly for that now. Our bodies (or matter) actually “hold” our consciousness. And in every moment, our bodies are communicating to us about our consciousness in its instinctive and primordial way. But we have lost our connection to the vast wisdom, to our intuition, and to our inner knowing.

(The virtual sessions are held over video call or phone).

Biofield Tuning: 

3 or 6 Session Package (payments can be made 24 hours prior to session)

Biofield Tuning is a targeted therapeutic sound method that helps to relieve mental, emotional, and physical stress and restore balance in the nervous system. Similar to biofeedback, the forks emanate coherent frequencies to support the body to auto-tune & self repair as a result of chronic contraction or overwhelm. In this way, the body is gently brought back into it’s innate state of expansion or coherent blueprint of health and resilience.

Paula combines the use of acoustic forks with her knowledge of Somatic Experiencing and nervous system regulation.

60 to 90 minutes
$233 per session

I am in the process of creating a vehicle for group tuning sessions at reduced rates for those who are limited by finances. These group offerings will be available starting in the Summer 2023.

Coming Home to the Authentic Self: experience the healing effects of sound & vibration on the nervous system and engage in an exploration towards conscious embodiment.

Individual Program: 4 month package

This Polyvagal-Informed approach uses sound and vibration (Safe and Sound Protocol) and developmental movement patterns to facilitate a deeper sense of embodiment and connection to self, others, and the world around you. Experience this titrated process of awakening to your authentic self and explore how to integrate the SSP into a group model. Please read information on “groups” page for full details about this transformative experience.

This experience will help you:

  • Gain a greater sense of heart coherence and a deeper sense of safety and belonging;
  • Explore some of the underlying neurobiological states, strategies, and beliefs systems that arise in the aftermath of acute or chronic stress and developmental wounding;
  • Discover the movement patterns that support coherence and embodiment of the near and far senses;
  • Identify fight, flight, freeze patterns that are the undercurrent of many common conditions in the world today;
  • Reclaim a greater sense of connection to yourself and enhance the capacity for attuned relational presence with others.

Paula combines her experience in conscious embodiment practices with her training in The Safe and Sound Protocol, Somatic Experiencing, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Parts Work, and BodyMind Centering, and non-Western principles to guide you through a transformative experience that illustrates how our bodies hold the key to both our suffering and our resilience.

Includes psychoeducation on the somatic organization of attachment and defense, psychoacoustic sessions (weekly), follow-up meeting, access to SSP 3-Pathways for 4 months, & weekly tracking and somatic coaching.

$200 for a 60-minute integrative session. Includes up to 30 minutes of listening; support with uncoupling and coupling of parts that emerges in session, somatic resourcing support; exposure to infant developmental movement patterns; guidance on how to titrate and track and integrate using SSP. Participants are exposed to a model of integration and application of the SSP through Paula’s unique lens.

Paula currently has a waitlist for individual clients. Feel free to request being added to waitlist. Paula’s group offerings for somatic providers provides a pathway to engage in psychoacoustic healing at a reduced rate.

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Coming Home to the Authentic Self: A Psychoacoustic Exploration

This experiential group is for individuals who wish to embody the full expression of the self and support healing in the unified collective field. This in-depth experience is designed for those who are seeking healing and transformation in and through the body. It is designed for those who are Polyvagal-Informed informed and who are actively receiving or engaged in embodiment practices (for example: somatic therapies, bodywork, yoga, mindfulness, meditation,  embodied movement practices, or somatically-oriented parts work). Individuals must be able to track the body and nervous system during and in-between sessions.

Please visit the workshop page for full details.

This Polyvagal-Informed experiential group that uses sound and vibration to reconnect you to your authentic expression of self by re-establishing a blueprint for safety in the body and nervous system. Using sound and vibration, you will receive the frequency of safety through the auditory pathway for 5 hours during a 12-week time frame. During this journey, you will traverse the body-mind experience touching into your interpersonal neurobiology, stress response, and sensory processing system. This experience will illuminate your personal, intergenerational, and collective patterns that have been dissociated from conscious awareness and allow the body and nervous system to resonate to the felt sense of safety of the present moment.

This 4-month online experiential aims to group supports individuals in the following processes:

  • Development of a greater sense of belonging, safety and access to your innate creative energy;
  • Experience of a shared responsibility and attendance to the collective energies and polarities that shape our world today;
  • Opportunity to experience the effects of the power of group intention (and how to use SSP in a group setting);
  • Exploration of underlying neurobiological states (fight, flight freeze patterns) and attachment strategies that arise in the aftermath of acute or chronic stress and developmental wounding;
  • Discovery of the developmental movements that support coherence and embodiment of the near and far senses; and
  • Reclaiming of a greater sense of connection to ourselves and enhanced capacity for attuned relational presence with others.

***PLEASE NOTE: This group is experiential in nature and includes the use of an auditory listening system called The Safe and Sound Protocol. You are encouraged to participate to the level of your ability and comfort. Please find information about Safe and Sound Protocol at If you feel hesitation or unable to participate in any of the activities, please communicate this to the training facilitator.

This group includes access to SSP 3-Pathways Listening System (Connect, CORE, Balance) for 3 months, 10-acoustic listening sessions, somatic coaching, and group closure session. Participants will also be required to come prepared with somatic tools, art and journaling materials, to use in each listening session.

Fee: $1700 over 4 months (weekly 90-min group). See groups page for more info.

Current groups are open for registration and run Feb-May 2023. 4 person limit per cohort.

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Is This Work Right for You?

The best way to know if this is right for you is to experience it. Words do not adequately convey the nature of this transformative work. So, my invitation is to read the entire website and get in touch with me if this approach feels right for you. Embodiment sessions require you to “be with” yourself in a whole new way. To slow down, to listen. It is truly a gift that you are giving yourself and I am honored to be on that path with you.

Somatic Experiencing (“SE”)

Somatic Experiencing® is considered a body-focused naturalistic approach that is designed to attend to the acute or chronic symptoms of stress. SE is based on the premise that the body holds the memory of undigested emotions and responses associated with the lower brain structures associated with fight, flight, and freeze. Repressed emotions and experiences lead us to contract and cause an imbalance in the nervous system and body. SE is intended to be a gentle approach.  SE is considered a non-cathartic and present moment approach that uses mindfulness (masculine) to focus on the sensations and emotions (feminine) to create an alchemistic transformation in and through the body. SE is designed to work with the innate body intelligence for the purpose of bringing organization and integrity to the mind, body, and brain.

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Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound Protocol is a neuropsychological approach to health and healing
Safe and Sound Protocol, developed by Dr. Stephen Porges is based on 4 decades of research on the relationship between the autonomic nervous system and socio-emotional processes. SSP was designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity, enhancing social engagement and resilience. SSP is a sound healing program that shifts the physiology into a state of neurological safety creating the conditions for new, positive connections in the brain to occur, and allowing for the integration of the body and mind so that one can hear, feel, see and sense the world and others as benevolent and loving.

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Biofield Approaches

It’s believed that the human biofield is the sum of all the waves emanating from the body, much like an energy blueprint that corresponds holistically to the whole of the human organism. When the patterns of these energy waves are “in tune”, it’s referred to as coherence much like the sound of an orchestra when all the instruments are in tune. The premise is that when our biofield is in harmony and coherently synchronized with one another we are in health. However, if there are areas that are not in-tune, unbalanced and/or dissonant, incoherence can manifest which can result in symptoms. Biofield approaches are designed to improve coherence in the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of the body.

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“The quieter you become, the more you can hear” — Ram Dass