Safe and Sound Protocol: A Portal to Connection

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) was developed by Dr. Stephen Porges and is based on his research of the vagus nerve and his groundbreaking perspective on Polyvagal Theory. SSP is a neurologically based intervention that utilizes the auditory pathways to calm physiological and emotional states, enhance social connection, and promote health and restoration.

SSP resources the body through the relational pathway (using sound frequencies in the auditory pathway) to “feed” the nervous system the acoustic signal of present moment safety through the human voice. When this steady stream of safety enters the bodily systems, it is transmuted down the vagus nerve much like a guitar tuner, invervating all that it touches with the resource of safety – an essential component of emotional processing.

As these frequencies enter the body and pass through the auditory nerve, the vagus, and all of the systems, the body is invited to enter into the same resonant field. When this occurs the bound energy in the organs and physiological systems are released, allowing them to return to a natural state of coherence.

This is similar to what is found in attuned acoustic frequencies, where the prominent frequency is filtering out all other frequencies to bring all the instruments into the same resonance as the primary sound.

Paula integrates the Safe and Sound Protocol into her work and also offers it as a stand alone service for those who are actively engaged in deeper healing processes.

Paula is the lead author of the SSP-SE guidelines – a manual for the integration of Somatic Experiencing and Safe and Sound Protocol. To view the introduction to the manual or to listen to the authors discuss how to use these potent tools in tandem click here:

Safe and Sound Protocol

For more information on Safe and Sound click here:

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SSP Summary from Dr. Stephen Porges

“Our physiological state – the intervening variable – influences our responses to cues of safety in nature…we must find “portals of regulation”… if we can become safe in the arms of another, we are well-positioned to enjoy “health, growth and restoration”.
– Stephen Porges, Ph.D