Understanding the Human Biofield

Biofield methods are based on the understanding that the human biofield, which extends approximately five feet on both sides of the body and three feet above the head and below the feet, contains all of our memories that are embedded as energy and information in standing waves within its structure. Similar to the brain, the biofield holds specific emotions, states of mind, and relational templates. It also contains the blueprint for how the physical body organizes itself. Stressful experiences cause aspects of the body (self) to split off and dis-embody from the larger unified system. This gives rise to pathological oscillations in the standing waves acting as noise and causes a breakdown in the order, structure, and function of the physiology. Beliefs are held in the biofield. Some beliefs have been internalized while others are projected onto others and the world. This includes personal and collective belief systems.

Biofield methods focus on locating, discharging, and neutralizing dissonant frequencies that give rise to physical and emotional imbalance, so that the energy is returned to the body to facilitate order, structure, and function to a given organ or bodily system. These energy blocks may result from your personal experiences from conception to your current age and also intergenerational patterns of energy.

Paula works with the human biofield using a combination of approaches to locate dissonance in vibrational frequencies of the body (due to unprocessed emotions, memories, or stuck survival energy) in order to support the body in organically returning to its natural harmonious state of health and resiliency. She is currently a student of Biofield Tuning.

“We are, each of us. a living multidimensional matrix of connection: we are fitted to one another, to our ancestors, and to all life forms. While we remain linked to the whole and higher aspects of each and all, we are equally bound to their denser dissociation forms. We contain not just our own fragmented shadows but together carry the dark of our ancestors, our cultures, our planet, our cosmos. Awakening transcends the individual, because integration is about all of us.”

– Thomas Hubl, Healing Collective Trauma