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Is this a clinical group that teaches me how to use the SSP?

Paula is offering this experience as an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. Similar to psychedelics, breath work, and somatic experiences, this program uses sound as a portal for accessing the subconscious and also for tuning the nervous system towards harmony. in particular, the focus of this course is on the healing of the inner child. Paula is a psycho-somatic coach and sound healer, so her groups integrate a wealth of understanding about the mind-body connection, but are offered in the spirit of sound healing. Participants will experience a unique application of psychoacoustics in a group setting. Through this experience, some participants will have an embodied understanding of the potency of the SSP tool and its use as a “co-creator” of change in the body, mind, and heart.

When will I be invited to sign-up for the Safe and Sound Program through Unyte-ILS on my computer and phone?

You will receive your invite to Unyte-ILS at least 3 weeks before the orientation meeting. This will enable you to “sample” one of the playlists called Connect music which is just like listing to music on the radio.

When will I receive the zoom link?

We will send out zoom links at least 3 weeks before the orientation meeting. Be aware that the zoom link we send out is the same link for all of the listening sessions and the integration meeting so save it to your browser. If you need a new link, please reach out to us.

How do I access the self-paced guide in Thinkific?

You will receive an email that you have been registered for the course, and asked to create a password. Once your password is created you can login using this link

Once logged in you can access the course by
1. Clicking "My Dashboard"
2. Click "start course”

What if I'm having issues seeing and accessing the course?

We suggest trying these steps:
1. Clear cache and restart your browser.
2. Try a different browser (google chrome works best).
3. Try an Incognito/private browser (this will rule out issues with browser extensions)
4. Restart your device
5. If possible you can try a different device
6. Check your internet connection.
7. Contact us!

What kind of headset do I use?

Over the ear headsets are required. Nothing fancy. But must be able to turn off noise cancel feature if it has one. Here is an example of a headset to use

What if I have to miss a session?

Although it is possible for you to listen with nature or a pet, the most therapeutic dose of the SSP course occurs in the presence of an attuned facilitator. As Paula is using this as a sound healing tool, the potency of the sound healing is directly related to her being the facilitator of the process. If you need to miss a session, please do not stress. We will find a creative solution. If you need to miss the orientation meeting, please contact us right away so that we can come up with a time to connect before the listening session.

Is there personal sharing involved?

Yes, this is a space to create “real” relationships and be “human” together in a group setting. It is not a therapy group. but a personal growth experience. Participants tend to enjoy the power of the group experience as we enter into our shared humanity together. Our village has worked to create a relational eco-system that is built on attuned presence, affirmation, kindness, respect, and compassion. Our hope is that all those who participate are aligned with these values. Our orientation meeting is an important step that allows us to get to know each other and settle in as a group in a safe container with one another.

When can I start the self-paced guide?

You can start to go through the self-paced guide 3 weeks before the orientation meeting when you receive the registration invite. Because the companion guide has been designed to help prepare you for listening lab, it is required that you complete chapters 1-6 before the orientation meeting so that you are better prepared for your listening experience. Once the class starts, you will have 1 chapter each week to engage with as part of your self-exploration through reading, automatic writing, meditation, or podcasts.

What if I need to slow down my listening journey for more integration?

Although we meet as a group, Paula is able to titrate the experience according to your own nervous system. We honor that each of us may need something different and work to accommodate that in the sessions.

What if I get logged off of the Unyte – ILS app?

Plan ahead, SAVE your password and put it near or on your phone at each group as the system can at times ask you to login again.

Have a different question?

Contact Meagan at for additional questions.