“Embodiment is an act of courage. To be fully embodied is to live from a place of deep authenticity, resonance, and personal truth”.

My services are designed for those who are seeking to heal or reconnect to the seat of feminine consciousness through the alchemy of the body. They are designed for those who have been on a path to healing for some time (through somatic practices, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, parts work, or healing arts) who are seeking deeper shifts in personal and collective consciousness.

Please note: This approach is intensive and is therefore not helpful for those who struggle with basic regulation challenges such as active eating disorders, addictions, anxiety or depressive episodes or suicidal ideation. And, I reserve the right to assess the appropriateness and refer to a mental health provider if needed.

Please answer the questions below so that I can learn a bit about you, and we can use our time together effectively. Please review my fees for individual packages prior to completing this form.

Before you start – please also take some time with a cup of tea or coffee to explore my website and read about me. I have created dedicated pages so you learn what the work will include, whether it is a good fit for you, and what type of resources I may invite you to engage in during our work together.

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