Discover Biofield Tuning

Balancing Our Inner Archetypes Through Sound and Vibration

Biofield Tuning, is a type of acoustic therapy that was developed by researcher Eileen Mc Kusick, author of Electric Body Electric Health & Tuning the Human Biofield. This innovative approach uses sound waves or acoustics to work directly with the nervous system, body, and Biofield.

In a Biofield Tuning session, the tuning forks identify areas of incoherence or dissonance that can be heard through the under and overtones of the fork. By offering a steady consistent tone, the forks then work to uncouple (dis-associate) or re-couple (re-associate) emotions that are held in the body and biofield due to trauma, stress, or unconscious patterns. As the body and nervous system integrate the new information, there is an experience of flow, expansion, lightness, and increased embodiment.

Paula’s approach to Biofield Tuning supports you in healing through your inner archetypes of the masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) . In this process Paula will guide you to bring balance and equilibrium to the yin and yang archetypal energies that show up in your personal or cultural beliefs, behaviors or emotional patterns, and physical or somatic structures. Through this process, she will support you in increasing conscious embodiment through the following:

  • Clearing blocks in belief systems
  • Accessing stuck emotions held in the individual, ancestral, and collective unconscious
  • Increasing energy and flow in the body/nervous system
  • Restoring trust in your inner knowing or intuition
  • Gaining clarity to support boundaries
  • Developing self-compassion

Prior to Your Session: Before coming in for your first visit, you will fill out a a consent form and information sheet. The paperwork includes a patient profile, Biofield Tuning Disclaimer, and Detox Responses. This paperwork provides Paula with general information and informs you about what to expect after a treatment.

First Session: the first session will include some discussion as we get to know your awakening journey so far. Each clients experience during our 90 minute session will be varied.

Session Packages: Paula highly recommended you sign up for a package of 3 sessions to allow for deeper healing with lasting results. Payments can be made at each session.

During Sessions: Sessions are generally remote. Please arrive to your appointment well hydrated. You may be located in a quiet comfortable spot and wear comfortable clothing. I encourage you to remain open and intentional about what we are releasing. This unburdening of aspects of self and energy patterns takes patience and compassion. We will be clearing blocks in your individual, ancestral, and collective patterns.

Individual Sessions: $225

Individual sessions are generally bi-weekly or monthly to support integration

Sessions are generally 90-minutes in length

Sessions are offered in person on Wed ONLY in Durham NC and virtually through telephone or Zoom.

See Offerings Page to Sign-up for Appointment.

“Biofield Tuning offers us an elegant approach to self-discovery and transformative growth by enabling us to interact with our personal, ancestral, and collective history through our body’s electrical system.”
– P. Scatoloni


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