Looking back now, I understand that I was in tune with the right brain as most children are from a young age. I was sensitive to the flow of energy and I was an empath. I had questions about the meaning of life from a very young age. Dance and music were my primary anchors for connection to self, regulation, creativity, and embodiment. At age 13, I stopped dancing and was subsequently imploded into a dark period where I sought co-regulation and pain management through substance use and disordered eating. This was a period of significant dis-embodiment for me. Even though I was drawn to contemplative practices during my adolescence, my path to healing did not start until age 18 when I entered therapy with a provider who introduced me to perspectives on feminine consciousness from pioneers such as Marion Woodman and to body-oriented methods of healing the inner child such as Voice Dialogue and Gestalt Therapy. I was now on the path of healing through embodiment.

I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii at age 23 where I engaged in and explored non-Western practices of healing. In addition, my persistent self-inquiry led me to Siddha Yoga, the Sufi-influenced Dances of Universal Peace, and Kripalu Yoga. Over time, I stopped using certain behaviors to regulate myself and experience co-regulation. I developed a connection to nature, self-energy, and to my own understanding of human suffering. Along with this came an awakening to the path of the sacred feminine. I began making meaning of my experiences and their influence on how I navigated relationships and the world around me. Dance entered my life again through movement practices such as the 5-Rhythms, Soul Motion, and Authentic Movement – all fundamental ways to support the feminine path to embodiment. I eventually trained in two methods of embodied movement called Shake Your Soul and Journey Dance. I soon learned that trauma is an inherent aspect of the human existence, which led me into a decade of study of the physiology of stress through Somatic Experiencing and later through Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. I have continued to follow my curiosity about embodiment through methods such as BodyMind Centering, Qigong, and Energy Healing practices.

I now see a theme in my life’s work of gathering individuals in circles, of sharing our humanity, and sharing responsibility for our suffering and healing – because healing occurs in the context of relationship and we are all connected to each other in the larger web of life. Whether the groups are therapeutic in nature, creative, or opportunities for teaching, I have recognized that these circles provide an experience that has been lost in our current culture.

Since 2017, I have studied the effects of sound and vibration on the nervous system and the intersection of the gross and subtle body. Today, I may refer to myself as a contemporary sound healer who uses psychoacoustic methods therapeutically. As a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, I view many of our current human conditions through the lens of the nervous system and the neurophysiology of the chakras. I am trained in an acoustic listening program developed by Dr. Stephen Porges (i.e. Polyvagal Theory), called The Safe and Sound Protocol. This program is steadily gaining recognition to support it’s effectiveness and I have witnessed many transformations in my unique method of using this tool as a portal to conscious embodiment and awakening of the authentic self. In addition, I am trained in Eileen McKusick’s Biofield Tuning approach that uses sound frequencies to shift limiting beliefs, emotional pain, and ancestral wounds that are held in the body and the surrounding biofield. Her approach and method are currently being supported and researched for it’s effectiveness across a multitude of conditions.

I have come to understand that healing is about remembering our innate wholeness, being with all aspects of the self with compassion and curiosity, not about being cured. That we are all – perfect reflections of the rainbow of the human experience. Our body holds our deepest knowing of who we are and our authentic expression of ourselves. Our body holds our learned patterns from our experiences and is the bridge to understanding how consciousness affects healing. And when we bring awareness and compassion to what is held in the body, we can access the innate blueprint that is already within us – returning to the resonance (frequency) that supports harmonious relationships with others and the world around us. It is through this understanding of the universal principles that govern our experience as humans that I offer my services to you.

If you are inspired to move towards wholeness through embodiment – contact me for a discovery session.