Looking back now, I understand that I was sensitive to subtle energies since childhood. I was an empath and had questions about the meaning of life from a very young age. Dance and music were my primary anchors for self-expression, creativity, and embodiment. At age 13, I stopped dancing and was subsequently thrown into a dark period of addiction, using food and substances to manage my emotional pain. This was a period of significant dis-embodiment for me. Even though I was drawn to esoteric and contemplative practices during my adolescence, my path to healing did not start until age 18 when I entered therapy with a provider who introduced me to the perspectives of Marion Woodman and a body-oriented therapy called, Gestalt Therapy. I was now on the path of healing through embodiment.

I moved to Hawaii at age 23 where I was invited into ancient practices and contemporary methods of healing. I engaged in Siddha Yoga, the dances of world peace, and Kripalu yoga. Over time, I healed from my addictions and developed a connection to myself and to my own understanding of human suffering.  Along with this came an awakening to the path of the sacred feminine. I began making meaning of my experiences and their influence on how I navigated relationships and the world around me. Dance entered my life again through movement practices such as the 5-Rhythms, Soul Motion, and Authentic Movement – all fundamental ways to support the feminine path to embodiment. I eventually trained in two methods of contemplative movement called Shake Your Soul and Journey Dance. I soon discovered that trauma is an inherent aspect of the human existence, which led me into an eight year study of the physiology of stress through Somatic Experiencing and later through Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

I now see a theme in my life of gathering women in circles, of sharing our humanity, and sharing responsibility for our suffering and healing. Whether the groups are therapeutic in nature, creative, or opportunities for teaching, I have recognized that these circles provide an experience for  women that has been lost in our current culture.

Since 2017, I have studied the effects of sound and vibration on the nervous system. I am trained in using an acoustic method called the Safe snd Sound Protocol. I have witnessed profound healing of developmental wounding through this method that supports the nervous system to shift out of a frequency of defense and into a frequency of safety. I am trained in Reiki and will be certified in Biofield Tuning this month where which allows me to work as an psycho-acoustic technician to clear traumatic patterns and bring the body and mind into coherence.

I have come to understand that healing is about coming into wholeness, being with all aspects of the self with compassion and curiosity, not about being cured. That we are all – perfect reflections of the rainbow of the human experience. Our body holds our deepest knowing of who we are and our authentic expression of ourselves. Our body holds our learned patterns from our experiences and is the bridge to understanding how consciousness affects healing. And when we bring awareness and compassion to what is held in the body, we can access the innate blueprint that is already within us –  returning to the resonance (frequency) that supports harmonious relationships with others and the world around us. It is through this understanding of the universal principles that govern our experience as humans that I offer my services to you.

If you are inspired to move towards wholeness through embodiment  – contact me for a discovery session.